Specialized Cleaning Services

Accidents, crime scenes, homicides, suicides, and death produce trauma for individuals, families, communities, and society. Trauma stems from our humanity and our tendency for empathy and sympathy, for love and connection. For survivors, the process of healing from trauma requires support and time.

But traumatic accidents often leave behind waste: bodily fluids, human tissue and biological agents. Family members, property managers and owners, and officials need to have this biohazards waste professionally removed from their premises. Proper removal is the law. It is also a health issue because in this waste there can be viruses and bacteria.

At Haven Cleaning and Restoration, we are OSHA trained to clean and restore sites after traumatic accidents and death. We use state of the art cleaning materials and methods to do this important work. We balance the urgency of cleaning sites according to the best methods and highest standards while providing a compassionate approach to the survivors of these tragedies.

With us, you can be assured that we will be discreet, professional, and caring. We will respect and honor your privacy. We are trained and experienced in this kind of work. Our 24/7 services are available every day of the year and homeowner insurance generally covers the cost of these kinds of services.

When you select a company to provide coronavirus disinfection services its crucial that you select a company like Haven that is OSHA trained and follows all CDC guidance regarding Coronavirus . Our mission is to help you, your business and your residence to continue unabated your daily routine and operations without the fear of contamination. Give us a call for an honest estimate !!!


Haven CR Provides professional coronavirus cleaning services

We offer coronavirus cleaning services in Rancho Cucamonga and Inland Empire, Orange County, San Gabriel Valley, Low Desert & High Desert.