Smoke and Odor Removal

Smoke damage from fires can leave an overwhelming odor which lingers long after the source of the smoke has passed. The fire need not be in or near your home; it only needs to be “upwind”. Even more common is the odor of cigarette smoke which can permeate everything that you own. It is the very nature of smoke to infuse and penetrate walls, carpeting, rugs, seat cushions and clothing and because of this can be quite difficult to eliminate.

Perhaps you have quit smoking and want reminders of the habit removed, or perhaps you are a property owner who must clean up after a smoking tenant. Other sources of odor can be pets, rodents , pests , decomposed materials or food items. Call today to for help with your odor problem.

Haven Cleaning and Restoration will employ EPA approved, chemical free technologies, techniques and procedures to eliminate, not simply mask odors.


Smoke Damage in Rancho Cucamonga

We offer Smoke Damage Restoration Services in Rancho Cucamonga and Inland Empire, Orange County, San Gabriel Valley, Low Desert & High Desert.